Wholesale Orders - Terms & Conditions

+/- 10% Variation in rolls

We offer unopened rolls direct from mills. The fabrics are measured on equipment that stretches the rolls of fabric, therefore there may be a +/- 10% variation comparing to the loose yardage measurements. 90% usable yardage is considered acceptable due to seams, runs, holes, or any minor defects. 

Round holes in fabric

Some rolls may contain round sampling holes for quality control tests. This is especially applicable to natural fiber fabrics where more sampling/checking is required due to the nature of the fiber being used, like bamboo and cotton. We do regular analysis of our fabric to ensure the different lots are as close as possible. 

Seams in fabric

Rolls may also contain seams where two ends of fabric are sewn together or stuck together.

Lot variations

There may be lot-to-lot variation in fabric rolls. We can provide you with a sample of the current fabric upon request without a swatch fee, with a $5 cost of shipping.

Color variations

There may be slight color variation in different fabric rolls of the same lot, but there should not be color variations on the same fabric roll. 

Fabric information

All the fabrics are developed and designed to the specifications decided by Wazoodle Fabrics. Any information provided about the fabrics is approximate and is based on testing done by us while developing them. Fabrics will behave differently depending on the pattern, fabric mix, use conditiions and washing/drying routine. Customers are advised to test the fabrics rigolorously in their applications. While we are happy to answer your questions about the fabrics suitabiiity to your application, following that advice is the decision of the customer and should be confirmed by making prototypes and testing. It is the responsibility of the customer designer to determine suitability of the fabric for their product. Wazoodle Fabrics does not hold any responsibiity or liability for any problem with the end product. 

Pre-order production schedule

Sometimes, the production schedule for pre-orders can change without any prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances. We will contact you if there is a delay, and give you an updated production schedule and lead time. 

Fabrics rolls and shipping restrictions

Some rolls of fabric may not be possible to ship as rolls due to shipping restrictions. We will have to convert these into double-folded bolts and ship them in boxes. 

Pre-order deposit

Once a pre-order fabric is ordered, a 30% deposit is required immediately. 

Bank wire transfer fee

A $30 fee is applied for bank wire transfer payments. 

Cancelling pre-orders

Pre-orders cannot be cancelled once production has begun.  If the remaining 70% balance is unpaid within 30 days, the 30% deposit is forfeited and the fabrics are available for sale to the general public.  For more information about pre-ordering, visit How Pre-orders Work.