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Delivered across the world..... as promised! I keep returning to Wazoodle fabrics for excellent quality food safe fabric.  Will be coming back for  more! Thank you! Love,  Zakiah, Singapore    

Zakiah Humaira

Working with Wazoodle has been a great experience. Their customer service is excellent. It is so refreshing to be able to connect with people who are a part of the company. Individuals that are knowledgeable and caring about a customer's needs makes all the difference. Our charity work has reached women and girls all over the world. Without the support and superior products from Wazoodle, we would not have been able to reach so far. We recommend them highly!"

Donna @ It's Our Mission: Period!

I'm very glad to know that there are some fabric companies making good textiles in the U.S. Seems like all come from China or elsewhere now. Finding Wazoodle is encouraging. I received my order in good time and as promised. I have made up 6 diapers so far, as an experimental version and will be hearing if they are satisfactory in time. Sewing went well. I think it would be helpful on the website (which may have been there, but I did not see) if we were told that the Super Zorb is intended to be sandwiched between fabrics with a durable finish, like the French terry, flannel, or whatever. What is your best option? I really like the super zorb--lightweight, dries easily, and is shapable. Sylvia  

Sylvia Fischer

You guys have the very best customer service ever!! And the products you sell are outstanding. Thank you so much for your great service and products. We are a very small Canada home company but you guys treat us like we are a big corporation....thanks again!


Ordered some fabric samples on Monday, recieved package on Saturday.  All Samples were clearly labeled and they included descriptions for each sample piece.  The sample packs are phenomenal!  They come wrapped as a pack and the performance fabric colors even came connected on a locking ring exactly in the order listed on the included info sheet.  Perfection.  This will be extremely helpful when deciding colors and fabrics to order for upcoming projects.  Highly impressed!  Will definitely be ordering fabrics in the near future.  Thanks for the attention to details and professionalism!


I have been buying from Wazoodle for the past 10 years and I get the best customer service ever I was buying from them when they where in Canada and I still followed them when they moved to the US....They are great to deal with and great fast service.


The customer service from Wazoodle is fantastic. We have threat of a postal strike looming in Canada, and they contacted me to ensure that they could courier my order to me. Very impressive. And all orders that I have placed to date (I am on # 4 in the last 3 months) have been filled accurately, the quality of the products is great, and the orders have arrived promptly.


I wantt o say i am very happy with your custmoer service i had talked to you and asked for advice on many differant produsts you carry and she was so understanding and very helpful and never one time made me feel like i was asking to many questions nor did she rush me at all she was clam and was full of energy and was ready and willing to take on the moon to help me. I had been buying from two other suppliers and at first they sent me very good products but after a while they started sending just what ever and after much hardach and frustraion and much wasted monies spent I was in serch of a new supplier and i found Wazoodle and i am so happy with you products that i ahve bought thank you so much.


What I love most is that Wazoodle is a small business. I also love that it it is product specific. I can easily find supplies I am looking for when making cloth diapers, training "PUL-Ups", cloth pads, and more eco-friendly home use goods. Your home business helps mine. The quality of the products offered are always above my expectations and if ever there is a problem they are so helpful.  I also love information that is provided on each product, along with laundry suggestions. The videos are helpful as well and recommend expanding to more products videos.

Christina Cosby

The PUL we purchase from Wazoodle is perfect for our needs and the team members at Wazoodle are such amazing supporters of Days for Girls International as we strive to ensure that every girl everywhere has a washable feminine hygiene kits. We use the PUL inside our hygiene shields, which have been distributed in over 80 countries around the world. Wazoodle has played a big part in making that happen.

Days for Girls International

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Our mission was to make textiles in America. Within a couple of years our fabrics were selling well, we were looking to expand, and there it was.....Today Wazoodle is the culmination of everything we hold dear: Mother Earth, family, quality, jobs, and service.

We guarantee that our fabrics meet the highest levels of safety and compliance. The credit for that goes to our quality-conscious vendor-partners.....We want to bring jobs and leadership back to American textiles.....We always want to know what our customers think and want. We need your input, your opinions and your feedback, and we’re here to answer your questions. We want to hear from you!

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