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Are you looking for bulk absorbent fabrics that that will perform, no matter what your project is? Our wholesale absorbent fabrics will save you time and money, maintaining it's absorbency for a long time. You won’t find any other material as absorbent for your liquid spills as our best water absorbent fabrics.

Unlike other absorbent fabrics, our super absorbent Ready-AbZorb fabrics don’t require pre-wash, which means you can use them the instant you buy them. Plus, they absorb ten times better than non-reusables and other fabrics. 

Best of all, these are American made absorbent fabrics, free of chemicals and toxins that affect your health in the long run. Browse throw our massive collection and you can shop with ease, knowing you're getting the best bulk discounts on the best absorbent fabric. Period.

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Are you interested in quality instant-absorb bulk fabrics for diapers, cloth pads, absorbent mattress covers, yoga towels and mats, pet beds, and more? Our Ready to Absorb Fabrics are exactly what you need.

Using innovative technology that totally eliminates guess works to create unmatched rapid absorption fabrics that don’t need pre-wash or drying, the end result are fabrics that are ready to absorb right out of the box.

Best of all, our textile engineers help reduced shrinkage to the barest minimum, which means you can save money and cut production cost by up to 70% when you use any of the below ready to absorb fabrics.

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