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Are you looking for discounts on the best recommended absorbent fabrics for your reusable cloth diapers? Our wholesale super absorbent fabrics are manufactured in USA in quality-controlled facilities without using toxic chemicals & finishes and have been specially designed for using in reusable cloth diapers.

Unlike other bulk absorbent fabrics, our Ready-AbZORB™ fabrics don’t require pre-wash, which means you can use them the instant you buy them. Plus, our Zorb® Fabrics absorbs 10 times its weight in under 2 seconds and soaks up 20 times faster than other imported fabrics.

PRO Tips - Recommended Absorbent Diaper Fabrics

We recommend using either the Zorb Original & Zorb 3D Dimples.
Zorb Original is an interlining type of material, so it will need to stitched or serged between 2 layers of fabric.
Zorb 3D Dimples is the best option. It does not need to be interlined between fabrics. We have 3 different styles available in the Zorb 3D Dimples (Bamboo, Polyester and Organic Cotton). You can use either of the 3 depending on your design preference.
Antimicrobial Silver - the fabric has been infused with silver ions to help control odor, create long lasting freshness & inhibit bacterial growth.

Choose from our Recommended Bulk Absorbent Diaper Fabrics selection, where each fabric is carefully selected and shop with ease knowing that each wholesale diaper fabric is ideal for reducing cost, increasing your diaper's performance and supporting the environment.

In addition to the Absorbent Diaper Layer, you will also need a fabric for the Inner Moisture Wicking Stay Dry Diaper Layer and for the Outer Waterproof PUL Diaper Cover.

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