Seam Sealing Tape Heavy Duty for ProSoft® PUL & ProCare® Fabrics

Seam Sealing Tape Heavy Duty for ProSoft® PUL & ProCare® Fabrics

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Seam Sealing Tape Heavy Duty for ProSoft® PUL & ProCare® Fabrics

HD Seam Sealing Tape

Made in USA

Can be used with ProSoft® PUL & ProCare® fabrics

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PRICE: US $215.00

PRICE: US $215.00



  • A 23 mm wide, 2 layer seam tape designed to seal sewn seams on medium to heavy weight PUL (2-5 mil), ProCare HD or medium to heavy weight other polyurethane or vinyl coated fabrics - NOT recommended to replace stitching.
  • The adhesive side is smooth, the outer barrier side is slightly rough. You can feel the difference. On the roll, the adhesive is on the inner side of the tape.
  • The tapes are designed for application over sewn seams of fabrics to make them wind/water proof. Seam sealing tape provides consistent leak prevention, even when applied at high temperatures.
  • This tape offers a moderate processing window when applied using conventional hot air sealing equipment. The melt flow of the adhesive layer helps promote sealing at crossover seams. The high melting point barrier layer allows for sealing heavy seam allowances.
  • It is recommended to be applied using professional grade sewing machines with an attachment for seam sealing, or other commercial hot air taping, laser, RF welding or ultrasonic machines.
  • For small applications it is possible to apply using a home iron. Place the smooth adhesive side of the tape over the seam to overlap the seam and the fabric edge. Place some silicone paper (any substrate, such as PTFE paper, to protect the tape from sticking to the iron) paper over the tape and press using a hot iron. Steam irons do not work on this, as the holes may prevent application of proper pressure and heat.
  • The recommended temperatures at the sealing point must be between 98°C/208°F and 175°C/347°F. Temperatures lower or higher may not provide a waterproof seal. (These are not the machine settings, just the temperatures at the point of seal) Different fabrics may require a different setting.
  • Designed for sealing on polyurethane and vinyl substrates. May not work on other fabrics.
  • *Recommended starting application conditions on hot air sealer: Temperature: 550°C to 700°C, Air pressure: 0.58 bar; Roller pressure: 3.92 bar; Line speed: 4.0 to 7.0 m/min.
  • *Recommended bonding conditions will vary between machinery, fabrics and applications. Optimal bonding conditions should be established by the user for each application prior to production.
Approx Width
0.9" / 23 mm

Approx Thickness


Excellent up to 40°C

Dry Cleaning

Adhesive Softening Point
85°C / 185°F*

Barrier Softening Point
177°C / 350°F*


Physical and performance characteristics shown are as provided by the vendor and do not represent a guarantee of product performance. Individual rolls may vary slightly from these averages. The user has to determine whether the product is fit for a particular purpose and application.

The information listed above has been obtained from controlled laboratory tests and is reliable, but should not be used for the purpose of writing specifications. It is offered in good faith, but without guarantee, as conditions and methods of use of our products are beyond our control. It is recommended that the prospective user determine the product suitability before adapting for commercial use.

(* Measured by TMA, ThermoMechanical Analysis)

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Product Label HD Seam Sealing Tape

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